Mario L. Fabiilli, Ph.D.

Principal Investigator

Associate Professor

Department of Radiology

Department of Biomedical Engineering

Applied Physics Program


B.S.E. (Chemical Engineering), University of Michigan

M.S.E. (Biomedical Engineering), University of Michigan

Ph.D. (Biomedical Engineering), University of Michigan

Industry Experience

Scientist (Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pfizer, 4 years)

Contact Info


Phone: 734-647-9326

Office: 6436C Med Sci I 


Carole Quesada, B.S.

Research Lab Specialist Intermediate

A.S. (Animal Health Technology), San Diego Mesa College

B.S. (Animal Health Science), California State Polytechnic University, Pomona


Postdoctoral Fellows

Somnath Maji, Ph.D.

Research Fellow

B.Tech. (Biotechnology), National Institute of Technology, India

M.Tech. (Biotechnology), Birla Institute of Technology and Science, India

Ph.D (Tissue Engineering), Indian  Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India


Haijun Xiao, Ph.D.

Research Fellow

B.S. (Pharmaceutics), China Pharmaceutical University

M.S. (Chinese Medical Science), University of Macau

Ph.D (Material Science and Engineering), Tomas Bata University, Czech Republic


Master's Students

Anjali Chiravuri

B.S. (Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology), University of Michigan


Aidan Macpherson

B.S. (Biophysics, Biochemistry, and Molecular Biology), Whitman College


Undergraduate Students

Ziyad Emara



Sabine Meurs

Undergraduate, Biomedical Engineering



Postdoctoral Fellows

Mitra Aliabouzar, Ph.D., 2018-2022

Doctoral Students

Alexander Moncion, Ph.D. (Applied Physics), 2012-2017

Visiting Scholars

Xiaoxiao Dong, M.D., Army Medical University, China, 2018-2019

Hai Jin, M.D., Guangzhou First People's Hospital, China, 2019-2020

Leidan Huang, M.D., Army Medical University, China, 2019-2020

Qiong Zui, M.D., Third Military Medical University, China, 2020

Medical Students

Alex K. Miller, B.S. (M1), 2017

Master's Students

Benjamin Juliar, M.S. (Biophysics), 2014-2015

Jonah Harmon, M.S.E. (Biomedical Engineering), 2017

Adam Ley, M.S.E. (Biomedical Engineering), 2020-2021

Trang-Tiffany Nguyen, M.S. (Biomedical Engineering), 2017

Sam Natla, M.S.E. (Biomedical Engineering), 2017-2018

Aniket Jivani, M.S.E. (Mechanical Engineering), 2019-2020

Undergraduate Students 

Emily Anderson, B.S.E (Biomedical Engineering), 2021-2022

Christian Aguilar, B.S.E. (Chemical Engineering), 2017-2021

Keith Arlotta, B.S.E. (Chemical Engineering), 2013-2015

Melissa (Pilon) Bromley, B.S. (Cell and Molecular Biology), 2012-2014

Natalie Chan, B.S.E. (Biomedical Engineering), 2021-2022

Devon Delahoussaye, B.S.E. (Chemical Engineering), 2019-2023

Zhewen Deng, B.S.E. (Chemical Engineering), 2019-2020

Easton Farrell, B.S.E. (Cell and Molecular Biology), 2017-2021

Serena Gupta, B.S.E. (Biomedical Engineering), 2021-2022

Alexander Hostetler, B.S.E. (Biomedical Engineering), 2019-2021

Denise Jones, B.S.E. (Materials Science and Engineering), 2013-2015

Melissa Lin, B.S. (Chemistry), 2015-2017 

Eric O'Neill, B.S.E. (Chemical Engineering), 2015-2016

Alyssa Steinhoff, B.S.E. (Biomedical Engineering), 2014-2015

Sanjay Subramanian, B.S.E. (Biomedical Engineering), 2017-2018

Pratik Vaidya, B.S.E. (Biomedical Engineering), 2016-2017 

Tyler Washington, B.S.E. (Biomedical Engineering), 2017-2018

High School Students

Jenna Berry (Greenhills School, Ann Arbor, MI), 2017

Emily Brewer (Canton High School, Canton, MI), 2018

Ziyad Emara (Greenhills School, Ann Arbor, MI) 2022

Yanbo Feng (Pioneer High School, Ann Arbor, MI), 2019

Karsyn Kazyak (Greenhills School, Ann Arbor, MI), 2019

Kailee Kingston (Greenhills School, Ann Arbor, MI), 2018

Lily Mohr (Greenhills School, Ann Arbor, MI), 2014-2016

Madeleine Rogers (Greenhills School, Ann Arbor, MI), 2021

Luciana Rosania (Greenhills School, Ann Arbor, MI), 2017