December 2022

  • Dr. Fabiilli co-chaired a special session on acoustic droplet vaporization at the 183rd meeting of the Acoustical Society of America in Nashville, TN.

October 2022

  • The Fabiilli lab welcomes a new postdoctoral researcher, Dr. Somnath Maji. He will be investigating ultrasound-mediated differentiation of mesenchymal stromal cells.

  • Dr. Fabiilli presented at the IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium in Venice, Italy.

June 2022

January 2022

  • Easton Farrell's paper in Acta Biomaterialia , which investigated the differentiation of myofibroblasts in response to ultrasound, was highlighted in Materials Today.

November 2021

  • Dr. Aliabouzar presented her work on ultrafast dynamics of acoustic droplet vaporization at the 181st meeting of the Acoustical Society of America in Seattle.

October 2021

September 2021

June 2021

  • Dr. Fabiilli was awarded the Frederic Lizzi Early Career Award from the International Society for Therapeutic Ultrasound.

  • Alex Hostetler and Dr. Fabiilli presented at the 20th Annual International Symposium for Therapeutic Ultrasound.

May 2021

  • Sabine Meurs was selected to participate in the Charles Steger Global Internship Program from the Focused Ultrasound Foundation .

April 2021

  • Easton Farrell and Dr. Fabiilli presented at the Society for Biomaterials annual meeting.

  • Leidan Huang's paper "Spatially-directed angiogenesis using ultrasound-controlled release of basic fibroblast growth factor from acoustically-responsive scaffolds" was accepted for publication in the journal Acta Biomaterialia.

December 2020

September 2020

  • The Fabiilli lab presented three abstracts at the 2020 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium. Our first virtual conference was a success!

July 2020

  • Dr. Mitra Aliabouzar's submission to Bioartography was selected as part of the 2020 juried collection.

  • The Fabiilli lab is grateful to have received the 2020 Basic Radiological Sciences Innovation Award from the University of Michigan Department of Radiology.

  • Dr. Fabiilli's and Dr. Alexander Moncion's patent "Biodegradable hydrogel for tissue expansion" was issued.

December 2019

  • Dr. Mitra Aliabouzar presented "Standing wave assisted acoustic droplet vaporization for dual payload release from acoustically-responsive scaffolds" at the 178th meeting of the Acoustical Society of America in San Diego, CA.

November 2019

  • Dr. Fabiilli gave an invited talk ("Acoustically-responsive scaffolds: controlled release of biomolecules for tissue regeneration using therapeutic ultrasound") at the Guangzhou Medical Doctor Association conference in Guangzhou, China.

August 2019

June 2019

April 2019

October 2018

  • Dr. Xiaoxiao Dong and Dr. Fabiilli attended the 6th International Symposium on Focused Ultrasound in Reston, VA. Dr. Dong presented a poster titled "Control of endothelial network formation via the ultrasound-triggered delivery of basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF) from acoustically-responsive scaffolds". Dr. Fabiilli gave a talk titled " Non-invasive, spatiotemporal control of transgene expression using hyperthermia generated by high intensity focused ultrasound".

September 2018

  • Dr. Fabiilli gave an invited talk titled "Acoustically-Responsive Scaffolds: A Method for Spatial/Temporal Control in Tissue Engineering" at the Advances in Contrast Ultrasound - International Bubble Conference in Chicago, IL.

August 2018

  • Dr. Mitra Aliabouzar joined the lab as a postdoctoral fellow. Dr. Aliabouzar recently completed a PhD in mechanical engineering from George Washington University. Her advisor was Dr. Kausik Sarkar.

  • Dr. Alexander Moncion's recently accepted publication entitled "Sequential payload release from acoustically-responsive scaffolds using focused ultrasound" was highlighted on the Focused Ultrasound Foundation website.