Fabiilli Lab

Our lab is part of the Basic Radiological Sciences Division within the University of Michigan Department of Radiology. We study how biomaterials can be modulated using focused ultrasound. Focused ultrasound enables on-demand, non-invasive, and spatiotemporally controlled generation of acoustic mechanisms within biomaterials. We use these acoustic mechanisms to control drug release from biomaterials and the physical properties of the material itself. Our goal is to utilize the interaction of focused ultrasound and biomaterials to develop new therapies to address unmet medical needs.

Our research is highly interdisciplinary, with the following broad areas of interest:

  • Designing highly biocompatible, ultrasound-responsive delivery vehicles

  • Understanding the acoustic mechanisms generated in biomaterials

  • Identifying how acoustic mechanisms impact ultrasound-mediated drug release

  • Characterizing the effects of therapeutic ultrasound at the cellular, tissue, and organism level

  • Elucidating how highly focal delivery effects biological processes

Our lab is located at 3225 Medical Sciences Building I, which is on the University of Michigan Medical School campus.