Rungroj Jintamethasawat, M.S.

(Speed of Sound and Attenuation Imaging)

Rungroj is working on limited angle ultrasound tomography to reconstruct the speed of sound and attenuation images of breast scans in the same geometry as the existing gold standard, mammography. Specifically, he investigates the robustness of ultrasound limited angle tomography under several clinical imaging scenarios and he also works on enhanced reconstruction algorithms taking advantage of parallel computing from both FPGA and GPU hardware.

Yiying Zhu, M.S., Ph. D.

(Cardiac Ablation, Contrast Agent Bioeffects)

Yiying is currently working on a novel therapeutic system, which is designed to treat hypertrophic cardiomyopathy by means of transcutaneous ultrasound and microbubble driven microlesioning. The overarching approach to achieve this goal is based on a multi-parameter prediction function of acoustic and biological responses.

Katherine Heckman, M.S.

(Blood Volume Flow)

Kate is investigating the correlation between ultrasound and magnetic resonance based carotid blood flow assessment. She is employing the technique of 3D surface integration as well as partial volume correction using the power component of ultrasound color flow.