Mario L. Fabiilli, Ph.D.

Principal Investigator
Research Assistant Professor, Radiology

B.S.E. (Chemical Engineering), University of Michigan
M.S.E. (Biomedical Engineering), University of Michigan
Ph.D. (Biomedical Engineering), University of Michigan

Scientist (Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pfizer, 4 years)

                                                                            Phone: 734-647-9326
                                                                            Office: 3226A Med Sci I 


Alexander Moncion, M.S.

Ph.D. Candidate, Applied Physics Program

B.S. (Physics), Florida International University
M.S. (Applied Physics), University of Michigan

Alex Miller, B.S.

Medical Student (M2)

B.S. (Chemical Engineering), The Ohio State University

Sam Natla, B.S.

Masters Student, Biomedical Engineering

B.S. (Cell and Molecular Biology), University of Michigan

Sanjay Subramanian

Fourth Year Undergraduate, Biomedical Engineering

Christian Aguilar

First Year Undergraduate, Biomedical Engineering

Easton Farrell

First Year Undergraduate, Biomedical Engineering

Tyler Washington

First Year Undergraduate, Biomedical Engineering


Master's Students
Benjamin Juliar, M.S. (Biophysics), 2014-2015
Jonah Harmon, M.S.E. (Biomedical Engineering), 2017

Undergraduate Students 
Melissa (Pilon) Bromley, B.S. (Cell and Molecular Biology), 2012-2014
Denise Jones, B.S.E. (Materials Science and Engineering), 2013-2015
Keith Arlotta, B.S.E. (Chemical Engineering), 2013-2015
Alyssa Steinhoff, B.S.E. (Biomedical Engineering), 2014-2015
Eric O'Neill, B.S.E. (Chemical Engineering), 2015-2016
Melissa Lin, B.S. (Chemistry), 2015-2017 
Pratik Vaidya, B.S.E. (Biomedical Engineering), 2016-2017 

High School Students
Lily Mohr (Greenhills School, Ann Arbor, MI), 2014-2016
Jenna Berry (Greenhills School, Ann Arbor, MI), 2017